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Admission Policies and Procedures

International Medical Aid operates programs from May to August and we recommend that students apply at least 45 days prior to their anticipated start date. Admissions to International Medical Aid’s Programs are competitive and students are only permitted to apply once in a 12-month period.

Placements for Pre-Health students are offered exclusively in East Africa; specifically, Kenya and Tanzania. If admitted, you will be assigned a placement in one of these countries based on your background and academic goals. Applicants wishing to complete placements in South America must be licensed practitioners in their home country and must possess an advanced level of Spanish fluency.

Please review IMA’s Program Dates & Fees:

Please review IMA’s Terms of Service:

If admitted, a successful applicant will be required to pay a $250 Program Deposit to secure a placement within 15 days of acceptance. This deposit is nonrefundable and applied 100% towards the Program Fee.
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